6 simple steps to maximise solar energy in your Bayside home

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So, you installed solar panels but don’t feel you’re gaining the maximum benefit? Well look no further, below we will outline some of the best ways for you to reap the benefits of your Bayside solar installation.

Make the most of the sunlight

The most practical and simplest solution is to try and use power as much as possible during the times when your solar system is producing it.

Solar panels tend to be most effective when the sun is shining. Generally, this is from 8 am-5 pm, with peak generation during sunscreen essential hours: 10 am-3 pm.

The orientation of your panels makes a difference too. East facing panels will be most effective during the morning. West-facing panels will be most effective during the afternoon. North facing panels will be effective throughout the middle of the day.

Some of the techniques you can use are:

  • Take advantage of charging devices during the day. This includes phones, laptops, headphones, smartwatches, toothbrushes – basically anything with rechargeable batteries you should charge during the day so they are ready to go when your system is resting.

  • Time your electricity-intensive activities to fall within your peak power generation hours will maximise your energy savings. Electrical items such as the washing machine, dishwasher and dryer can be loaded up and ready to go. Ensuring that appliances are full before use is another way to make the best use of the power which is running them.

  • Upgrade to battery-powered appliances. This runs with the theme of charging during the day. Appliances like kettles and vacuum cleaners are now readily available as cordless chargeable items that can be plugged in during the day, ready for later on when you need them.

  • Regulate the temperature of your home by heating or cooling in the afternoon before you come home from work. This ensures it is a comfortable temperature for the evening, and you can switch it off at night when your panels are no longer generating electricity.

Take it one step at a time

Given there is a limit on how much power your system can be generating at any given time, it’s a good idea to try and stick to only using one appliance at a time. For example, if you have the washing machine going, hold off until it’s finished to switch on the dishwasher.

It can also help to make sure that you’re not leaving appliances on that aren’t being used. Reducing the number of unnecessary appliances which are pulling power from your system ensures that you can make the most of the solar installation in your Melbourne home.

Solar Panel Installation

Perform an energy audit

The taxman has given audits a bad name. However, performing a home energy audit can be a powerful tool to uncover which devices are electricity hungry and how energy is being distributed around your home. An energy audit empowers you to work out ways to reduce energy usage.

If you aren’t sure to begin, you can start with an easy to use do-it-yourself audit template. If you would like a Bayside solar electrician to perform an energy audit for you, please contact us today.

Upgrade your appliances

After performing your energy audit, you’ll have a pretty good idea about which appliances are using what and where the power is going in your home. With all the money that you’re saving now with your solar system, it might be time to upgrade a few of the more energy-intensive appliances to ensure that they are operating to the best energy efficient standard you can afford. Doing this can further reduce your energy consumption and ensure that you’re working better within the limits of your solar systems capabilities.

Get your hands on a solar battery

Most of the tips so far relate to shifting behaviour to make the most of the solar output throughout the day. However, this is not always possible. Maybe you, like everyone else, want to get home and flick on the TV, turn on lights so that you can literally bask in the light your Bayside solar energy system has generated. What’s the point of electricity if you can’t use it in the dark? The light bulb certainly wasn’t invented to be used in the daylight.

One way this can be achieved is by installing a solar battery. There are a few good options on the market, like the Tesla Powerwall 2 or the LG Chem Solar battery range. Batteries offer an attractive supplement to combine with your solar system. For example, the LG Chem battery can offer up to 12.4kWh of usable energy. Meaning you can enjoy the benefits of your solar installation well into the night.

Keep the system in top shape

Ensuring that the solar system is well maintained will not only provide longevity for your investment but also will keep it running at a higher efficiency than it would if otherwise neglected.

Making sure that the panels are clean is integral to their functioning. If they are covered for example by dirt, bird droppings or detritus they will not be able to absorb sunlight as easily and their energy output will fall.

Correct maintenance should be performed by a certified solar electrician, who not only ensures that the panels are clean and unblocked, but additionally checks all of the electrical components. This maintenance also ensures that they are operating correctly and that there are no faults with any of the equipment.

Renewable energy electricians generally recommend that you schedule solar maintenance for your solar system every two years. This is so that the efficiency and functionality of your system are retained throughout its life.

Having a highly functioning system ensures that you are maximising the output of your system, providing you with the highest sum of energy at your disposal.

Bonus step: Understand what system will work best for you

If you’re still considering a solar system in Melbourne it’s a good idea to know which system will work best in your home. There’s no sense in buying a 5kW solar system when you’re regularly using 10kW. That’s why you should check your electricity usage and have a fair idea about your average household consumption. Generally, this data will be provided to you within your electricity bill. From here you’ll have a better estimate of what solar systems your Bayside home will require. There is a large range of solar panels and inverters on the market so you’ll easily be able to find one which suits the needs of your household.

If you would like some guidance from a reputable solar company in Bayside Melbourne please call us on 1300 ERG SUN or contact us here today.

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