Can I run my whole house off solar power? The truth revealed!

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Most people are aware of the benefits of having a solar system installed at their home. It is a sustainable, affordable and safe way to harness the power of the sun to create electricity for the home.

Some people, however, may be unsure about how efficient solar panels are, and whether it is possible to power an entire home using only solar power. With advancements in solar technology over the last ten years, these once less-than-efficient solar panels are now capable of providing power to an entire home when set up and utilised correctly.

Each household is different when it comes to their energy consumption, so certain solar system set ups will work more effectively for certain people. In the article below we’ll provide some insight into how you can utilise solar to power your whole house.

Tips on how you can solar power your whole house:

Research Your Existing Energy Consumption

The first thing to consider when deciding what solar equipment to install in your home is your current energy consumption. It’s important to determine what exactly you will need the power for, so you can spend the money on solar equipment accordingly.

The average Australian household will typically use around 7000-8000KWh of energy per year. If an average 250-watt panel is being installed, you may require around 20-25 solar panels to run your home off solar energy alone.

However, it is unlikely that your energy usage is the same as everyone else, so it’s important to accurately measure how much energy is being consumed. Most households will tend to underestimate their energy consumption, leading to under-spending on solar which ultimately provides them with less output than they were expecting. You can get a good understanding of your energy consumption by speaking to your energy provider. They can undertake a power audit on your home so you are 100% confident in your usage.

Once you have a good idea about your consumption, you can speak with a renewable energy electrician who will help you to determine exactly how many solar panels will be required to provide the amount of electricity that is needed to power the home.

At Erg Energy, our team of experts are happy to discuss any questions you may have about solar panel installation in Bayside. We are able to calculate your energy usage accurately in order to get your solar system running as efficiently as possible. By asking you some questions about daily usage and reading some electricity bills, we can begin to get an understanding of how much energy is being used and what type of solar set up is required.

Discover How Much Storage You Require

After considering your energy usage and determining the number of panels required, the next step is to calculate the amount of storage that will be required to provide power during poor weather conditions.

Battery storage can be installed along with the solar panels to store the excess energy that is produced. When there is no sun to generate energy, the battery power will be used to power the home.

Dark and cloudy days will reduce the efficiency of the panels, so extra storage will be required if you want to power the whole house using only solar. In addition to this, most households tend to use more electricity at night, when there is no solar power being generated. Trees and other houses surrounding the home can also prevent the sun from reaching the panels, reducing their efficiency. Not sure whether you need battery storage? Read our article Is it worth getting a solar battery for your Bayside home?

This is where it can become difficult and expensive to power an entire home, as there are many factors can play a part in your output. If you live in an area where the days are short and the weather is frequently poor, then it can be extremely difficult to produce enough solar power and a large battery storage system will be required. However, if you live in a consistently sunny area it is likely that you will be producing much more solar power and therefore may not require as much storage.

If you choose to work with a local solar company (link to about us) they will have a thorough understanding of the amount of storage required for your home, specific to your area. An experienced solar installer can accurately determine your requirements for you in order to consistently produce enough solar energy to power your entire home.

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Do You Need to Run Your Entire Home On Solar Energy?

With all of this being said, it’s worth noting that providing your home with 100% solar power is achievable, but is generally not necessary in order to begin saving money.

Even providing the home with 30% solar power will make a considerable difference to your electricity bills and could save you a significant amount of money in the short run. In order to get the most out of the installation of solar panels, it is best to make a larger investment, installing high quality panels. Although it is more expensive upfront, it will save you more money over a longer period of time.

It can be quite expensive to power your entire home off solar power if you have a large energy consumption, but it is possible. You could also try to reduce the amount of energy you use by switching off lights and appliances and only using them when needed. With less electricity being used, your solar system can work much more effectively and less panels and storage will be required.

Be Smart Before You Buy

In order to power your entire home with solar panels, it’s important to do some considerate planning beforehand. Be sure to:

  • Firstly, understand your energy consumption. Arrange a power audit and really understand your electricity usage before making any purchases.
  • Next, speak with a renewable energy electrician to determine your panel and system requirements.
  • Finally, add suitable battery storage to cater for your electricity needs.

If you are thinking of reducing your bills and making the switch to solar, consider installing a solar power system to start saving money now. If you live in Bayside Melbourne or surrounding suburbs, contact our team of expert Bayside solar installers to arrange a free consultation today.

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