How Solar Works

How Solar Works

  • The ultimate energy source for the solar panel is sunlight. When the sunlight falls on it, solar converts it to electricity for a home or commercial usage.
  • From home roofs to superstores, and other commercial buildings, you can see solar panels everywhere. Using it not only benefits you in lowering the electricity bills but also saves the environment.
  • But how does it happen, how they work, and what are they made up of?

Solar Panels Structure and Working

  • A solar panel is made from solar cells, and every solar panel has photovoltaic (PV) cells. These solar cells are of silicon and are constructed with a positive and negative layer that creates an electric field.
  • When sunlight falls on the solar panel, PV cells take this sunlight and start producing DC (direct current electricity). But does this DC electricity power up your home? No! Now it’s the time of solar inverters to come into the picture. Some panels have a single inverter, while others have microinverter behind each of the panels. They convert DC electricity into AC (alternating current).
  • This AC is the electrical current that you will use when you plug any of your home appliances into the wall socket. Here the solar panel sends power to your active or connected devices. The more the number of solar panels you have, the more energy is generated.

How Long Does Solar Panels Last?

  • Usually, the solar panel lasts from 25 to 30 years. Are you thinking that solar panels will stop producing electricity after that? No! After its lifetime, the panels start degrading slowly. Thus they start producing less electricity.
  • Unless the panels are damaged by debris, wind, or other factors, they can work for decades. As the panels have no moving parts, so they rarely break from inside. The outside forces are the only cause of its damage.

Make Your Solar Panels Last For Longer

  • Solar panels are usually durable as they are tested against harsh climatic conditions. So they require little or no maintenance. If you want to make them last for longer, then always approach a reputed manufacturer and only purchase the panels with a robust warranty.
  • Keep your solar panels well-maintained so that the degradation rate lowers and you get an extended performance.

Keep Solar Panels Well Maintained

  • Get them regularly inspected by your provider.
  • Keep them clear from debris and other damaging particles.
  • Ensure your solar panel has full access to sunlight. Any of the shade or any blocking element will negatively affect the efficiency of the solar panel.

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