Solar hot water is prevalent in Australia. It facilitates you with naturally heated water, for use in homes and businesses. The solar hot water uses the sun’s power to heat the water, and this makes it an efficient way of heating water.

It not only cuts your utility costs but also saves the environment by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and also increases the value of your property.

Flat plate w tank
Flat plate

This reliable and efficient hot water system uses patterned and strong tempered glass. The collectors in the flat plate use the sun’s energy to heat water and then store it in the roof-mounted or ground tank.

Solar Hot Water
Heat Pump

This effective technology is continuously getting refined from the past many years. It does not use solar collectors but uses solar energy differently.

Solar Cells
Split System

It is installed in the direction facing the north. With this type of solar hot water system, the water tank is ground-mounted and is positioned near the area where hot water is used in excess.

valkpitched tiled roof insert
Roof Mount

These types of solar hot water are always roof mounted. The storage tank, solar collector, all will be on the roof of the property. Mostly these are installed in the north position to benefit the solar hot water maximum, from the sun’s energy.

Evacuated Tube Collector
Evacuated tube

The evacuated tube solar hot water system consists of various glass tubes. When these tubes absorb sunlight, the copper pipes in it become hot. Now the heat from these pipes transfers to the insulated area where water flows continuously and gets heated. The water heated by this solar hot water system is usually stored in the ground tank.

Difference Between Solar PV Panel And Hot Water System

The technology used in both solar PV panels and the hot water system might look similar to you. But it operates in a different manner for both the systems.

Solar PV panels use sunlight for generating DC electricity, and then inverter converts it to AC power. But solar hot water directly warms water with the sun’s heat or heat from the surroundings. You cannot connect solar hot water to the grid, and in the same manner, heating water with solar PV panels is also not possible.

Selection of the Solar Hot Water

The choice of the best solar hot water depends on various variable:

Water consumption

Along with these factors, your personal preference also matters. Like whether you need solar hot water with a roof-mounted system or ground. Though both come with the same efficiency and performance, the difference lies in the maintenance or the support required for the weight of the system if it’s roof-mounted.

After considering your requirements, you will be guided with the right solar hot water.

Benefits Of Using Solar Hot Water

  1. Cuts Your High-Costs Of Water Heating Bill – Same like solar PV panels, solar hot water also saves high energy bills.
  2. Little Or No Maintenace – The solar hot water does not require much maintenance. But after a few years, getting it inspected from your provider is recommended. It is only a safety precaution, and else maintenance is near to negligible. With proper care and maintenance, your solar hot water can last as long as 20 years and even more than that.
  3. Saves the environment – Whether you are using fossil fuels or electricity to heat the water, the atmosphere gets polluted. Where the use of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases, electricity is also produced from fossil fuels and thus cause pollution.
  4. Here if you replace your water heaters with the solar hot water (the renewable resource), it assures the release of zero emissions to the surroundings.
  5. The installation cost of solar hot water is high in comparison to traditional water heaters. But only the upfront cost is high, and once you installed it, you will never repent your decision. It would prove it’s worth as it saves a significant amount of your higher utility bills. Moreover, as the maintenance cost is also negligible, it also saves you money.